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Regardless of your organizations needs, Summit Global Supply offers the best in personal protective equipment. We offer a large coverage of high-quality accredited and certified
PPE products at the most affordable price.

Nitrile Gloves

Disposable Nitrile gloves are made from rubber and synthetic materials making them more resistant than natural rubber to chemicals, oil and acids. They are three times more puncture resistant than latex or vinyl, and can be worn by anyone that has an allergy to latex.


Masks provide protection from germs transmitted through coughing, sneezing, and talking. We offer medical masks including Type I, Type IIR, FFP2, N95 (KN95), FFP3 and N99. We also offer cotton and textile cloth masks which can be washed and worn multiple times.


Hand sanitizer cuts down on the spread of germs helping businesses, schools, and other facilities operate safely. It has been proven effective in killing germs and certain viruses. We offer a variety of antibacterial and disinfectant sanitizers.


Disinfecting wipes are used to kill bacteria and prevent infection. We offer several different types of disinfecting wipes with alcohol including 75% which is best for cleaning and disinfecting. We also offer non-alcoholic wipes for general use.

Surgical Gowns

Surgical gowns prevent particles, liquids, and microorganisms from getting on your skin or clothing during use. Summit Global Supply offers a broad range of surgical gowns from sterile surgical to fluid repellent disposable gowns.


Polypropylene coveralls provide effective, low cost garment protection against dry particulates such as dust, dirt, and debris for various environments including hospitals, food processing plants, and general industrial applications.

Face Shields

Disposable face shields provide lightweight, full face protection and can be comfortably worn with eyeglasses. The window features an anti-fog coating to limit fog during daily tasks. The face shield features a foam forehead pad that provides added comfort.

Shoe Covers

Shoe covers protect feet against dirt and grime. Ideal for protection in non-hazardous environments such as food processing, general maintenance and manufacturing. These are single use coverings meant to be disposed upon removal.


Thermometers are a necessary instrument for determining a person's body temperature. Our thermometers can be used on babies, children and adults. We offer both traditional and digital thermometers.

*Please note that product images displayed serve as a reference guide and the actual brand of product is disclosed upon consultation/order. Product images may change over time.